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Maas Baas Hazy Spelt IPA | 6,3%

Maas Baas Hazy Spelt IPA | 6,3%

Productcode: MAASBAAS-1
€ 5,95Prijs

Maas Baas collab 


"Maas Baas" is a Hazy Spelt IPA that epitomizes the powerful bond between two breweries, united by the Maas river and their mutual beer bestie ‘Pieter Gast- huis’. Brewed with local Limburgse spelt, this beer embodies the essence of the region and its rich bre- wing traditions. A generous dry hop adds an explosion of aromas, making every sip an adventure infused with the unique flavors from South & North Limburg.



Inhoud: 1 x 44 cl blik

Exclusief verzendkosten 

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