Core Range

Our core range, the place where we as a brewery can show how we can brew our beautiful basic beers. As an experimental craft beer brewery, it is sometimes difficult to develop a beer between all the experimental and booming tasteful violence that is actually very accessible to everyone.


That is exactly what we want to show with our special series, and we want to give that back to the people. Tasty beer, to simply enjoy with dinner, with friends, in the cafe but also at home on the couch. Combine all of this with a slight experimental twist and you get our accessible yet challenging core range. A range that is attractive for both young and old



Sometimes you just have to
pop open a funky, fresh 
beer. A craft beer to 
enjoy with friends

That's why we made this
india pale ale. Full of fresh
fruity tropical tones and a 
crispy malthy finish thanks to  
some moregrain 


Sometimes you just 
desire something classy 
and old fashioned. A craft beer
you can enjoy without 
all the fuss. 
That is why we created an
authenic Classic Blond Ale. 
Full of fruity & floral notes
with an elegant malty finish.



Sometimes you just want to 

wander away from everything,

to discover the world in search 

of the Holy Beer Grail

That is why we found this Tripel,

in our quest over high mountains, 

quiet valleys and old-fashioned beers

Rich, powerful and holy.

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