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D'Artagnan Rosé - 2022 edition

D'Artagnan Rosé - 2022 edition

Productcode: DROSE-2022
€ 15,00Prijs

D'Artagnan Brut Rose - 2023 - Summer edition 



1 x 37,5 cl bottle - D'Artagnan Brut Rose 2023 


This sparkling red fruit ‘Rosé Du Brut’ has a complex aroma full of fruity notes of raspberries and strawberries. For those seeking a bold and adventurous alternative for an aperitif.


DETAILS: With fresh local raspberries and strawberries.

TYPE: Special Summer Edition 2022  

YEAST: Champagne yeast, Belgian Yeast, Saison Yeast 


Inhoud: 1 x 37,5 cl fles 


Exclusief verzendkosten 


Gratis afhalen op geselecteerd ophaaladres 

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