Our Story


Where it all started

The founder ‘Bas Jacob’ of Brewery Zuyd started in the year 2015 his beer brew journey. In 2012, he started at the HAS Hogeschool as a Food Innovator. During this study, he began his first internship at the Dutch brewery called: Brewery Maximus located in the city of Utrecht. There he would meet his future brew-companion ‘Hein van Baast’. At Maximus, they both learned all the ins-and-outs about brewing, techniques, and new upcoming beer styles.


After this experience, they both went their separate ways. Bas Jacob went to New Zealand to discover the brewing culture for a whole year. Hein van Baast went to Ireland to do exactly the same namely brew beer and learn more about the beers of Great Britain.


The start of a brewery in the South

Brouwerij Zuyd started in the year 2016 with ‘Bas Jacob’ as the founder of the company. This year would be an exciting start of a craft brewery located in the South of The Netherlands The city of Maastricht. A city dominated by the classic Belgian beers and brewers. This would be a challenge to compete with this traditional Belgian market. 


At the end of the year 2016, he partnered with one of his brew colleagues and friend ‘Hein van Baast’. Combined with their knowledge about brewing beer, they combined two of the world’s most popular beers: the Pilsner and the IPA. The ‘India Pale Lager’ was born and was called ‘Mosa’ named after the famous river of Maastricht the ‘Maas’. 


A real location to brew

In the beginning, the Zuyd beers were not brewed in our own brew kettles. But at our friends at Brouwerij Maximus. In the year 2017, we looked for a location to brew as one of the first breweries beers on Maastricht ground. Finally, after a long search. We found in the cellars of the old canteen of an army barracks named the ‘Tapijn Kazerne’ a perfect place to brew. So below ground level, we started to brew 500 litres of pure Maastricht experimental beers.


A tough year for brewing beer

After all the success, it was now the case to grow to another level. We had proven that other experimental beers from all over the world were tasteful and mind-blowing. Although the bigger and international brewers were noticing that smaller craft brewery were to conquer the territory of special beers at bars. We had to reinvent the way to brew and sell our own craft beers. Always with new styles, flavours, and crazy ideas. Just to keep the local bars and restaurants interested.

This year the co-founder ‘Bas Jacob’ was called for a meeting at a bigger brewery called ‘Gulpener Bierbrouwerij’. To start and help a test- and pilot-brewery to created new kinds of craft beers. Also, this year the other co-owner ‘Hein van Baast’ started to brew at our old brew base Brouwerij Maximus. This was good for both of us both not for Brewery Zuyd. Because we had less time but more experience. During this process, we decided to do all things at a slower pace. Brouwerij Zuyd was now from a booming new young brewery to a well-known small brewery in Maastricht with unique beers.


Zuyd Re-invented

After working both for a while in the bigger beer industries Bas wanted to re-invent Brouwerij Zuyd again. To rediscover the meaning and purpose of Brouwerij Zuyd. And showing the South that we were still around and could make mind-blowing experimental beers.


It all began with a meeting with a friend of his ‘Rick Knops’. A young creative guy that really liked the idea of reinventing the point of view of the brewery.


Days, weeks, and months of brainstorming went pass by. And eventually, we had the wow factor and idea. We call this the ‘Holy Grail’ moment. After this Rick started as the head marketeer of Brouwerij Zuyd and Bas was focusing on new brewing techniques and styles. A new core range was born and the start of a ‘Special range’ the ‘Zuyd Craft series’. Full of experimental, cool, and funny beers with the story of Zuyd inside them. Brewing mind-blowing beers, beers that give you the wow effect. Not an extraordinary craft beer, but a beer inspirited by the culinary scene and taste. and all this in an attractive striking zuyd jacket! 


Could we skip this? No, we can't!

What can we say? This was an extraordinary year for the brewing world as well as the bars, restaurants but especially the healthcare sector. The pandemic that gripped the entire world also hit us as a small brewery very hard.

However, because of the many ideas of Bas Jacob and Rick Knops, the many brainstorming sessions, very nice collaborations eventually came about. The development of a beer together with Blanche Dael, the talks for a new brewing location were round and the first dots of a completely new segment with new beers and new flavours were developed. The special series got a boost with 8 experimental beers this year, this was the year of the ultimate special breakthrough. Christmas on the cake? Brouwerij Zuyd developed its 3rd new core range beer called the Jura, a triple for today's world discoverer

The pandemic? We will be bothered by that for a while, but zuyd will continue at the pace it has been raging from 2019, the zuyd hype continued to develop and a lot of great things were already planned for 2021.

We are Zuyd Craft, a young craft brewery from the south of the Netherlands. Located in the capital of Limburg, Maastricht. Zuyd Craft has been brewing experimental beers since 2015 to show that the Limburg beer scene also has beautiful craft and experimental beers. Are you curious about our history, or do you want to know more about the story of one of Limburg's pioneering craft beer breweries? Read it below