Founded in the summer of 2019, actually purely because we wanted a place where the wildest dreams of us as brewers could go wild, where the wild dreams found an existence and the flavors that arose here actually saw the light. get to know our wildest dreams, get to know the special series

Our special range is a series where we explore the edge of what really is beer. popcorn beer, pizza beer, liquid coconut, and who knows what will follow. They are beers with an extreme character, an eccentric taste but also a unique twist. Of course, we still want to continue brewing beer that people really like!

No challenge was met, which is why we have also chosen to brew our specials every two months in batches of 250 to 500 liters. very limited and one-off, because as you may already notice we want to experiment as much as possible.

After filling the kegs and bottles, developing the labels, and sending them to our partners, cafes, restaurants, and beer shops, it is time to show the target audience what we have made again. time to surprise the beer geek again with something cool, an enjoyable beer, a taste explosion, but one thing is for sure, it is always a challenge!




Nice full chocolate ice cream, creamy vanilla chocolate flavour with a bomb of ripened and candy bananas. Think banana with a hint of chocolate and vanilla and all this in a thick Stout

Pastry Stout | 13%

Shall we split the banana stout? 











Stunner of the year, a little after all the fireworks that you have set off. peper in it and some sweetness. combine this with nutella chocolate spread and you have the special

choco porter | 11%



What do you get when you put a pizza baker and a brewer together? The most loathed pizza in a beer! fruity fresh with a little bit of basil oregano and a pinch of the chef

Pizza Neipa | 6%



Combining a nice dry champagne with the fresh and fruity of red fruit. Combine this with the summer topper a Rosé wine and you have the special!

Rosé Brut | 9%



Imagine yourself in the amusement park. Super hot day, you are running around all the time and then you see the ice cream stand. what do you take then Just a lemon lime ice popsicle sour!

Lemon sour | 6%



Imagine yourself back on the playground equipment, you want to go down the slide one more time, but then your mother shouts that it is time to go. She bribes you with a carton of juice, this carton of juice. Tutti frutti sour!

Tropical sour | 6%



Have you forgotten to take your vitamin again? Then just take this beer right away, full of fruit from your fruit basket. I mean there are more difficult ways to get your vitamin right?

Fruity IPA | 6%



If you could be anywhere in the world right now. Then on a white beach somewhere in Hawaii? that's exactly what this special is, with coconuts in hawaii

Coconut ale | 12%




If you could team up with one of the most beautiful and largest coffee roasters in town to create a powerfully beautiful caramel sweet coffee beer, what would you say?

Iced latte stout | 12%





The pineapple pilsner, invented on a good summer's day when we suddenly had some pineapple juice in a beer glass. Beautiful full tropical notes combined with bitterness and wonderful drinkability

Tropical pils | 6%



After a good movie night at the brewery, we had some leftover popcorn, "now throw that in the brew" and so this beautifully sweet, full sticky bock was brewed

Popcorn bock | 6%



Who doesn't like chocolate ice cream from time to time. However, if you leave such an ice cream for too long, you have an ice cream milkshake, let's just have left too many ice creams for too long and only brew a beer from it

Ice cream stout | 12%



End of the year, good intentions, new year ... new beer! exactly that is what we thought when we brewed this brut. remembering the champagne bottles that popped open on New Years Eve

Blonde brut | 12%
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