Bas Jacob

Experimental Brewer / Founder

founder of brewery Zuyd. In daily life, brewmaster van Gulpener, but in addition to still experimenting enough at zuyd

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Rick Knops

Creative Brewer / Co- Owner

Marketing manager at Zuyd since 2019. Labels, partnerships, great ideas, this man is your man! Became Co-owner of Zuyd in 2020


Our brewers, at home in all markets. The one slightly more technical, the other a bit more creative, but together they provide a perfect combination of experimental creativity and, above all, a lot of fun having your own brewery. because say who does not want his own brewery where he can always make great beers! that is exactly what Bas thought in 2015, 5 years later we are well on our way to turning Zuyd into the craft beer brewery in Limburg. And with these two men on board? that will certainly be a success story