Release Saga 10 Quadrupel

4 okt. 2021

Maastricht 1e Craft Quadrupel - gelanceerd bij Biertaverne De Gouverneur


and of course we're not talking about yesterday's Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp troubles, but about our newest core range stunner: SAGA 10 quadruple⁠

Yesterday we took a select group of people with us on our first "saga", and although there will be a lot more messages for saga, there is one person we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts⁠

Thanks to @degouverneurmaastricht, we had a wonderfully intimate venue for our first real core range release party in ages. Thanks again! Without you, the party would not have been possible. ⁠

For all the people who came to raise a glass, sniff the beer and introduce their taste buds to saga. THANKS! Photos will follow in the next few days. ⁠